Amiqus build online tools to give individuals and small businesses free and open access to legal information that would normally be out of reach, helping people make informed decisions about their legal choices. Their first product Amiqus ID is an online tool for Anti-Money Laundering, Identity & Compliance Checks.

Callum Murray, Founder and CEO set up Amiqus a couple of years ago and one of the first steps on his entrepreneurial journey was taking part in EIE16 where he came to my Presentation Skills workshop to work on his elevator pitch for the main event.

In Callum’s words:

“Having covered the foundations of pitching and presentation skills with Maryanne during the RSE fellowship programme, I asked her to help structure our content and prepare for the Scottish Edge competition last year, which we won £75k.

For EIE ’17, I was selected to deliver an extended pitch with Q&A. We worked with Maryanne during the training and invested additional time and effort to refine our content and delivery. We won both pitch of the day and the audience vote award.

Time spent with Maryanne is an investment for our business, adds clear value and it’s been instrumental in our ongoing success.”

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