Aardvark Safaris create tailor-made safaris to Africa. Started in 1999, it is a vibrant, thriving company with UK team of 14 across offices in London, Hampshire and Edinburgh and a US office in San Diego.

They wanted a programme to improve the quality and consistency of their presentations and pitches to secure more business.

The Challenge

The Aardvark Safaris team in Hampshire approached me to discuss working with some of their client facing team following the success of 1-1 sessions I had run with their team in Scotland. The group included the Operations Director and 2 Sales Consultants. They regularly speak at the start of an event they sponsor, to large groups of potential clients. This might be an intro for the main speaker, or to an auction which will include an Aardvark pitch.

3-5 critical minutes which could be the start of a new client relationship, a new safari booking.

The team also speaks to small groups and has meetings with couples/groups/families where they are presenting their ideas for possible holidays.

A consistent approach was needed for their pitching and presenting strategy, as well as increased confidence, tips and techniques.

The Solution

I proposed a 1 day programme for the group.

The content of the programme included all aspects of delivery and using natural style, pitch strategy and content structure, using visual aids, team work and handling questions. Everyone brought a presentation with them and we worked on that during the sessions. They would have 3-4 opportunities to present in front of the group and each time I would film, then give feedback with video review.


  • An analysis of their communication style
  • Learn how to communicate consistently with authority and credibility
  • Learn how to communicate with confidence and be engaging
  • Master apprehension and nerves
  • Consistency, focus on key messages and time saving in preparation
  • Best practice preparation of prompts
  • Thinking on your feet, focussing on requirements of the listener

The Results

“From the initial planning of the content through to the delivery, we ended up much better than we were when we started the day and had a strategy to employ in all sorts of situations.”

Some of the most valuable aspects the group learnt were re-structuring their approach to speaker introductions as well as how they use the many amazing photos they have. Showing a slideshow of photos had caused huge distraction in the past, diluting the speaker’s message, now Aardvark are more selective with their visuals and have the techniques to use them sparingly, whilst controlling their listener’s attention.


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