David Murray is a photographer who has spent the last five years running a safari camp in Botswana. More recently he volunteered to be an Education Representative for National Geographic’s Big Cat Initiative.

As an inexperienced public speaker, David called upon Maryanne to support him to deliver presentations to schools across the UK.

The Challenge

David’s mission was to inspire and motivate two schools in the UK, Westfield School in Newcastle and Gordonstoun School near Elgin to get them involved in the initiative and the ‘Cause an Uproar’ campaign.

Presentations were set up at both schools, for both senior and junior students – approx 400 in each audience.

The challenge for David was that he was inexperienced at public speaking to this size of crowd and this age group. His main objective was to make sure he came across as himself, being conversational, relaxed and approachable, rather than  putting on a ‘performance’.

The Solution

David is based in Northumberland so we ran 2 half day sessions in Edinburgh, held 2 weeks apart.

We worked on delivery, using scripts, structuring his content and using visuals. I also edited his script and checked over his slides in between the sessions.

A week before the Gordonstoun presentation we ran a rehearsal to make sure he was fully prepared.

The Results

The Big Cat Initiative has been a great success at both schools with far more interest from students than David had anticipated.

“Thank you for giving me the platform of confidence; I’m certain the success of my presentation has allowed so much more to happen. I just wanted to let you know it is all going really well and say how appreciative I am of your guidance”.


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