A balanced approach

All the work I do involves a balance of theory and practice (40:60). Using a video camera for the various practical exercises and presentations we work on, it’s easy to give feedback and identify specific areas that need more improvement and increases one’s self-awareness.

Typical 1-to-1 Session Outline:

We start with a short interview to identify communication priorities, to ensure long term benefits, validate my approach and introduce some principles of successful communication.

Each session is 2 hours long and works best when scheduled a week to 10 days apart to give time to digest and put into practice what has been learnt between sessions. Throughout each session, we will use meetings that you have in the diary as the basis of the practical exercises which means that everything can be applied direct to your day-to-day communication.

Find out how Callum Murray, CEO and Founder at Amiqus benefited from a 1-to-1 session.

Session 1: The Natural “Model of Excellence”

  • Natural style and how it is achieved under pressure
  • Developing rapport with your listener – natural skills in action
  • Different aspects of pace
  • Controlling the attention of the listener and demonstrating commitment
  • Natural eye contact and its impact on your listener
  • Effects of stress and how to manage/control adrenalin
  • Practical exercise

Session 2: Making the Right Impression

  • How to prepare and use prompts effectively
  • Effective use of handouts/papers for meetings
  • Using handouts to support the message and not distract the listener
  • Controlling the listener’s interpretation of information
  • Practice exercise

Session 3: Successful Dialogue for Meetings

  • Client/listener expectations
  • Structuring memorable, concise and positive communication
  • Establishing key issues
  • Motivating the listener into action
  • Handling difficult questions, positive replies
  • Practical exercise

Remote Coaching

To offer flexibility and convenience I am happy to organise 1-1 coaching via Zoom, MS Teams or Skype.

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