The pressure of delivering a successful pitch can impact on anyone’s performance. 

It doesn’t matter if you are pitching for your first round of investment; for new business or even launching a new product to the market. The necessity to find the right combination of words delivered in an authentic style can be intensely stressful. 

‘Being You’ Approach

Maryanne has 16 years delivering public speaking and pitch training. She has created an approach that focuses on developing your own style and strategy that compliments your personality, so you can ‘be you on your best day.’ 

Nothing will ensure failure quicker than trying to be someone you’re not or pitching in someone else’s style. 

Pitch Coaching 

The sessions take a holistic approach and address every element of the pitch from preparation to the delivery.  

This includes: 

  • Preparation – understanding the layout of the room you will pitch in; the technology you will be using and the individuals who make up the panel are all critical.
  • Planning – You might have to deliver a one, two or even a six-minute pitch. The time doesn’t matter if you have a solid grasp of your business and an understanding of the questions that matter. 
  • Delivery – Several techniques can support you to control your deliver and eliminate mistakes. Find out the tricks of the trade that will ensure excellent delivery, no matter the circumstances. 
  • Follow up – Investors or new clients will always have questions and challenge your assumptions. Answering these are as important as your delivery. Be prepared and ready with the answers.  

Don’t leave anything to chance as the next pitch could make all the difference to your business.  

If you would like to discuss a one to one session with Maryanne, then get in touch, and we will create a bespoke training session for you.

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