My 4 co-delegates & I have all been astonished by the power of a single day’s course with Maryanne. The techniques I learned have transformed my approach to effective spoken communication, and given me a level of confidence that I did not believe I had within me.

I am far more organised in preparing for public speaking and presentations, and better equipped to effectively get my message across in a powerful and influential manner. I have since been involved in numerous presentations to groups of prospects, professional contacts, external networks and internal groups of all levels, and have approached each of these tasks with a level of confidence and focus that I did not previously believe possible. I relish and seek out these occasions, where previously I had felt trepidation.

My communication technique in meetings has changed considerably: preparation is simpler, more comprehensive, and more structured. As a result, I have full confidence in advance of even the most challenging client meeting or telephone call that I will achieve the required outcome. The preparation techniques allow me to adopt a more relaxed demeanour which enhances the atmosphere of the interaction.

I have used the techniques learned on Maryanne’s course to win new business (brand new clients, and new deals for existing clients), to retrieve difficult client relationships, to influence strategy workgroups affecting the whole Adam business, and to enhance my personal brand in external networks.

I practise what I learned every day. This was without question the most effective business course I have attended, and have no hesitation in recommending it to everyone.

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