Maryanne was recommended to me by a Partner in Scott Moncrieff who had engaged her to develop an Effective Spoken Communication programme for their firm. My requirements were different to this but I was assured she would develop a 1-1 programme that would be specific to me.

I had recently been appointed as CEO to a very prestigious, historical board and I wanted to ensure I could deliver my points over clearly and confidently. I was mindful that I spoke very quickly when I felt pressure or under stress and wanted to develop skills to manage this.

I had a telephone consultation with Maryanne and was a bit apprehensive as she had mentioned she would be recording and playing back our consultations. However, after some thought I decided I would give it a go.

I can honestly say my one to one programme was amazing, after the first session I forgot the camera was rolling. It was amazing to watch back the footage from start to finish. I am now very confident in delivering my point and am happy to say my confidence in my new role has developed considerably. Thanks Maryanne it is all down to you!!

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