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Amiqus is the UK’s market leading compliance and onboarding platform and the 5th fastest growing fintech across the UK. They support more than 500 organisations of all sizes across different sectors. 

Whether it’s digital identity verification, AML/KYC checks or pre-employment screening, Amiqus enable their clients to carry out a full range of checks and digital back-office management, all from a single platform. 

Maryanne worked face-to-face with Callum Murray, Founder and CEO, within various entrepreneurial programmes including EIE, Scottish Edge, the Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellowship and CivTech 5.0 when Amiqus was an early-stage company and he needed to pitch for funding, investment and new customers. 

As the Amiqus team has grown, Callum recognised the need to ensure everyone had a consistent approach to preparing presentations and pitches and the confidence to deliver them to different audiences.  

“Time spent with Maryanne is an investment for our business, adds clear value and it’s been instrumental in our ongoing success.” 

They needed a flexible and cost-effective approach to ‘Maryanne’ everyone at Amiqus. 

The solution was to give everyone access to our eLearning programme The Agile Speaker® as part of their Learning and Development programme. This offers everyone at Amiqus the opportunity to learn all the fundamentals they need to become great presenters. They can access it anytime, anywhere. Most allocate times in their diary each week to complete stages of the programme. They have access for 12 months and can go back into it anytime for a refresher.  

Some of the benefits Amiqus receives: 

Individual Development 

  • Build good habits 
  • Feel more confident 
  • Dramatically reduce preparation time for meetings and presentations 
  • Well-structured communication  
  • More strategic thinking about Question and Answer sessions 

Team Development 

  • A consistent approach for preparing and delivering presentations 

HR Support 

  • Access to a dashboard to keep track on group progress
  • Tech support – we are on hand to handle any queries within 24 hours 
  • Discounts when buying 10+ log ins 
  • Optional 20 min Zoom call lead by Maryanne to introduce the course to groups of 10+ 


‘I felt the learning outcomes were excellent for the price point. Well researched and well 
delivered. There is something in the course for beginners straight through to more advanced 
speakers.’ Laura Westring, Senior Strategic Comms and Culture Manager, Amiqus 


For more information or to buy the course go to The Agile Speaker   


To arrange a demo or discuss setting this up for your team please contact us:  

07768 414025 

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