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1-to-1 sessions

Our 1-to-1 sessions are a great way to quickly improve your presentation skills. Each session is tailored around your particular needs, skills and objectives.

They use a mix of theory and practice (about 40:60). We can work towards upcoming meetings in your diary, so that you can go out and directly apply what you’ve learned.

We also record the practical exercises and presentations. The increased self-awareness this provides is hugely beneficial: it helps to make our feedback even more useful, as you can clearly see the specific areas that need improvement.

A typical programme starts with a short interview to identify your existing communication skills, find out your priorities, and start to introduce some principles of successful communication.

Each training session is 1.5-2 hours long and, ideally, held a week to ten days apart, as this gives you time to absorb what you’ve learned and put it into practice.

‘I engaged with Maryanne for 1-to-1 support and the experience was truly transformational. From polishing the content and slides, to owning that content and perfecting that delivery to engage with the audience and inspire a positive response for the Q+A. The result and the feedback was phenomenal, I couldn’t have done it without the support and the learning I took from Maryanne.’

Ana Gallardo,
Entrepreneurial Development Team Leader,
Scottish Enterprise

A course might typically include 4-5 sessions, for example:

Session 1: Delivery: how to come across as relaxed, clear and confident – face to face and online

  • Natural style and how it is achieved under pressure
  • Developing rapport with your listener – natural skills in action
  • Different aspects of pace
  • Natural eye contact and its impact on your listener
  • Effects of stress and how to manage adrenalin

Session 2: Your Toolkit for Preparation: How to save time and stay on track

  • How to prepare and use prompts effectively
  • Time management

Session 3: Structuring your content – how to create engaging material

  • Client/listener expectations
  • Structuring memorable concise and positive communication
  • Establishing key issues
  • Motivating the listener into action

Session 4: Using visual aids: How to support your message, not distract your listener

  • Effective use of handouts/papers for meetings
  • Using slides and handouts to support the message and not distract the listener
  • Controlling the listener’s interpretation of information

Session 5: Handling questions – how to plan for Q&A and handle challenging questions

  • Preparing for Q&A how to predict and stimulate questions
  • Being message driven and concise
  • Handling difficult questions
  • Achieving a conversational style

Find out how a 1-to-1 communication skills course could help you.

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