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Maryanne has created a series of interview style podcasts that cover all the key areas featured in our communication skills courses. 

Download the podcast using the links below or via your usual platform and continue your learning on the move.


‘I love this podcast. The episodes are bite sized with practical advice on how to have more impact with your words. They also contain enough science to understand ‘why’.’

Jane Dennyson,
Thrive Consulting

Season 1:
What is an Agile Speaker? (5 episodes)

I believe that presenting confidently and naturally is a science that anyone can learn and indeed become agile with. In this season, I share tips and techniques on how to remain in control and come across as relaxed and natural in what can be an unnatural situation.

Season 2:
The Elevator Pitch (4 episodes)

The high-stakes game of the Elevator Pitch: it’s something we’re all doing frequently but it can be hard to get it right.

Whether it’s at a conference, an exhibition stand or a dinner party, we use the Elevator Pitch formally and informally so it’s important to make it work for your audience and work for you.

Season 3:
Video Conferencing – from logistics to delivery (3 episodes)

In this collaboration with Colin Gray’s Podcraft, we give you simple, practical advice and ideas to support you through this new way of working.

Season 4: Spotlight on the Speaker

In Season 4, we turn the spotlight onto the speakers.

Maryanne captures stories, experiences and helpful takeaways from guests and former clients. Although they hail from a range of sector and different sized businesses, what connects them all is that they have all taken to the stage, presented in the boardroom, pitched to investors or have had to influence audiences in some way.

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