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Group Sessions

A series of small-group workshops is a great way to help everyone in your team to develop good communication skills. Depending on what you want to work on, each workshop can be run as a full day in-person at your office or in two or three half-day sessions – either in-person or online. 

We ensure that every workshop is well-paced, interactive and engaging, and we use a mix of theory and practice (about 40:60). Each participant gets enough personal attention to ensure that they get what they personally need out of the course, with plenty of opportunities to practise the techniques they have learned, review their presentations and receive feedback.

Galbraith have employed Maryanne to work with our Partners and Associates for many years now, as well as supporting our Graduate Surveyors towards their Assessment of Professional Competence interview.

Her courses are professionally run, informative and fun! Consistently the feedback from attendees is that it is the most useful training they have received to date. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.

Pam Over,

Here is an example of a communication skills course made up of two half-day workshops.

Session 1: How to come across as relaxed, clear and confident

  • Using your natural style and developing rapport
  • Understanding pace – using it to control the attention of the listener
  • How to control adrenalin
  • How to prepare and use prompts effectively
  • How to dramatically reduce preparation time

Session 2: How to create engaging material while saving time

  • Understanding your audience
  • Structuring memorable, clear, concise communication to promote discussion
  • Controlling the audience’s interpretation of your slides
  • Strategies for handling questions

Find out how our small-group courses could help your organisation.

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