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CivTech Exhibiting Company

Your workshop sessions have led to a huge transformation in my life. Your persuasive and reassuring manner have - for the very first time - enabled me to subdue the personal and social anxiety that has restricted every part of my life since my earliest childhood...

Iain Harper, Associate Director, Carbon Financial Partners Ltd

'I found the range of short, clear videos (in The Agile Speaker) broke down the various aspects of presenting really well and made the overall approach for preparing and delivery far less daunting. I will be recommending this course to my colleagues! Many thanks.'

Callum Murray, CEO, Amiqus

‘Working with Maryanne was a great luxury - she's top class and it felt like a really worthwhile and valuable exercise.’

Paul Reid, CEO, Trickle

'Maryanne said on day one that presenting in front of 500 people would be like learning to drive a car - once you've learnt the skills, it will just happen without even thinking about it. And that's how I felt walking out on stage, following a very enjoyable course -...

Colin Gray, MD, The Podcast Host

'Maryanne has an ability to seek out and isolate that one little thing in a pitch that has the biggest effect. With one look, she can apply the tweezers and tease it from good to great.'

Cameron McNatt, Managing Director, Mocean Energy Ltd

'We didn't know what we were missing until we engaged Maryanne! As entrepreneurs, we are so close the to business, it's hard to know how things come across. Maryanne provided a perspective from someone new to the business, which the perspective many investors we will...

Eleanor Harris, Natural Capital & Carbon Leader, Galbraith

'I thought I was pretty competent at presenting but after a few hours with Maryanne I feel I have a whole new toolbox of techniques to up my game. I’ve already been using them and am excited at the prospect of being put on the spot in difficult situations so I can...

Exhibiting Company, EIE16

‘Your ability to deconstruct, comprehend, polish, and reassemble complicated ideas into a snappy elevator pitch has impressed me in both of the sessions I've attended with you’

Robin Sampson, Founder, Trade In Space

‘This short course within the Wayra programme was one of the most valuable parts of the accelerator! Amazing to be able to build a quality pitch in a few hours.’

Alan Mahon, Managing Director, Brewgooder

'I have taken part in so many…courses and programmes and this by far is the greatest return on the investment. We have grown as pitchers 1000% since our first session and now consider it part and parcel instead of a daunting experience.’

Áine Uí Ghiollagáin, Co-Founder & CTO, DeepMiner

‘Recommended: a fantastic and dedicated pitch coach.Maryanne Johnston worked with CivTech®2.0 participants to improve public speaking skills and refine pitches to different audiences. Her approach is very understated, yet highly effective.Maryanne encourages clear,...

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