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The Challenge

Over the last few years, I have worked with Cornelian with most of their client-facing team including the CEO, CIO, Investment Directors, Investment Managers, Portfolio Managers and Trainee Portfolio Managers. Each individual has different needs – for example, pitching informally and formally – sometimes a pitch could be around the board room table, sometimes it’s 1-1 at a client’s home. Occasionally presentations are too much larger groups; they also hold and attend networking events throughout the year. A consistent approach was needed for their presenting strategy, as well as increased confidence, tips and techniques.

Some are more confident and experienced than others. Each year for each new programme and new group, we have split them into groups of 4 so everyone could learn from each other.

The Solution

Sessions needed to be short so the investment managers were not away from their desks for too long.

We agreed on a programme of 5 x 2.5-hour sessions held a week to 10 days apart.

The benefits of running half-day sessions:

  • Better for long term learning and development
  • The time between sessions gives the opportunity to practise techniques
  • More time-efficient for client
  • Less ‘information overload’

The content of the programme included all aspects of delivery and using natural style, presentation strategy and content structure, using visual aids, teamwork, networking and handling questions. Everyone brought a presentation with them and we worked on that during the sessions. They had 5/6 opportunities to present in front of the group over the course of the programme and each time I would film, then give feedback with video review.

Brooks Macdonald bought Cornelian Asset Managers for £39m.

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