I have produced 3 seasons of podcasts to support and revisit key areas from my face-to-face sessions. Please click on the links below to listen or to download. I hope you find them useful.

  • Season 1: What is an Agile Speaker? (5 episodes)

    I believe that presenting confidently and naturally is a science that anyone can learn and indeed become agile with. In this season, I share tips and techniques on how to remain in control and come across as relaxed and natural in what can be an unnatural situation.

  • Season 2: The Elevator Pitch (4 episodes)

    The high-stakes game of the Elevator Pitch: it’s something we’re all doing frequently but it can be hard to get it right.
    Whether it’s at a conference, an exhibition stand or a dinner party, we use the Elevator Pitch formally and informally so it’s important to make it work for your audience and work for you.

  • Season 3: Video Conferencing - from logistics to delivery (3 episodes)

    In this collaboration with Colin Gray’s Podcraft, we give you simple, practical advice and ideas to support you through this new way of working.

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