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The Challenge

The firm approached me to discuss working with some of their client-facing team. The group included the CEO, an Investment Director, two Investment Managers and one Investment Analyst. Each individual had different needs – for example, pitching informally and formally – sometimes a pitch could be around the board room table, sometimes it’s at a client’s home. They also present as a team to professional services firms to introduce themselves and get cross-referrals as well as to Fund and Investment Managers. A consistent approach was needed for their pitching and presenting strategy, as well as increased confidence, tips and techniques.

Some of the group were more confident and experienced than others and so we decided to work with them as a group so everyone could learn from each other.

The Solution

I proposed two half-day (4.5 hours) sessions held a week apart.

The benefits of running half-day sessions:

  • Better for long term learning and development
  • The time between sessions gives the opportunity to practise techniques
  • More time-efficient for client
  • Less ‘info overload’
  • Shorter periods away from desks

The content of the programme included all aspects of delivery and using natural style, pitch strategy and content structure, using visual aids, teamwork and handling questions. Everyone brought a presentation with them and we worked on that during the sessions. They would have three to four opportunities to present in front of the group and each time I would film, then give feedback with video review.


  • An analysis of their communication style
  • Learn how to communicate consistently with authority and credibility
  • Learn how to communicate with confidence and be engaging
  • Master apprehension and nerves
  • Consistency, focus on key messages and time-saving in preparation
  • Best practice preparation of prompts
  • Thinking on your feet, focus on requirements of the listener


To follow up on the programme, 3 months later we held a refresher session. The CEO set out pitching case studies for the Investment Managers and Analyst to work on before the session and we then ran the case studies, followed by Q&A with the CEO present. I filmed, gave feedback and a video review. This was also a valuable reminder to the group and helped to keep their skills in mind and give them more practice.

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