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Do you find yourself considering whether it’s time to climb the career ladder or look for a new job? Perhaps you are thinking of ways to bring in new clients or want to get out there and pitch your business to new investors or at a funding competition?

We constantly promise ourselves we’ll eat healthier, get fitter, travel more, work on our careers but try as we might, it can be really tough to make these resolutions stick.

We admire higher-profile colleagues, wish to emulate their success and aspire to move up the career ladder. We see others win great funding prizes in competitions and think… ‘Could I do that?’.

We remain stuck on the rungs because we’re focusing on the external rather than what’s within.

The majority of our goals might fall by the wayside as we head back to work, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Part of the reason why we fail to achieve our goals is that it’s virtually impossible to be someone that you’re not. Also, we’re far more likely to achieve them with some support and coaching along the way.


Why not make this the year you aspire to be the best version of yourself? We can help you communicate your message clearly and effectively in every situation, no matter who you are speaking to or how many people are in the room.

Whether you’re looking to bring in new clients, change career, move up the ladder, return to work or pitch for investment, we can work with you to develop your skills so that you can make your mark and come across as yourself at your best, no matter what the pressure or stress you may be feeling.

Here are five ways we can help you:

1.Developing new business:

Are you or your team thinking of running seminars for clients but you’re holding back at the thought of presenting to a large group? I can help save time in preparation and ensure all speakers come across as being relaxed and confident so that your clients have the valuable experience and you make the right impression.

‘Maryanne gently turned the mirror around on my presentation style and highlighted how I could improve it significantly in a positive way.’

 2.  Preparing for job interviews:

Making the right impression from the start is critical. Does your CV tell the right story about you and how can you translate it into effective Q&A during the interview? It’s often hard to see the wood from the trees when it comes to ‘selling’ ourselves. I can help give you clarity and confidence.

‘Maryanne gave me the confidence and focus to convey my message to potential employers and helped me to prepare for questions. As a result, I felt much more comfortable going into interviews and I’m now doing a job I’m really happy with, and I feel is the right one for me.’

3.   Moving up the career ladder:

Is it time to raise awareness of your personal brand within your organisation? Have you thought about how others perceive you and what you can do to make a better impression? I can help you manage your ‘brand’ both internally and externally.

4.  Returning to work:

Whether you’ve taken a career break or are coming back from maternity leave, the prospect of being back in the workplace can be daunting.

‘Maryanne helped prepare me ahead of interviewing for a new job. I’d been on extended maternity leave which spanned 2 children and had left me unable to recall anything I used to be good at. We had an initial call to realign my mind and focus on which jobs to aim for and how to approach the interviews. Maryanne put me firmly in a positive, confident frame of mind and practised questions and answers. She gave me back the confidence to know that I could do it and importantly, not to aim low. The internal strength I gained from just three phone calls carried me through to the start of the job and set the whole process off on the right foot.

I can’t recommend Maryanne highly enough for anyone who needs to find their way again after maternity leave or a career break.’

5.  Pitching for funding:

Are you considering pitching at an event for funding to grow your business? You’ll spend a huge amount of time on your application and doing practice pitches to panels to get onto the stage at the final event. You need to stand out from the crowd when it matters, handling not only the pitch but the Q&A as well.

Dianne Teo, MD of T30 Fitness Training is one of the clients I’ve helped pitch for funding. At the Scottish Edge, she won £50,000.

‘Thank you for all your help, encouragement and support. You were there for me anytime I wanted to talk things over. You’re an amazing mentor for pitch presentations – the No. 1 pitch school for producing winners! A star, just so good at what you do.’

If you’re ready to take control of your future and commit to your goals then please get in touch. We can help.

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