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SmartestEnergy is the UK’s leading purchaser of independent generation and supplier to sustainably-minded organisations as we transition to a low-carbon economy. They work with 1,000 large UK businesses on their energy and sustainability strategies and have 20 years’ experience helping independent generators in the UK to sell their power. They have over 300 employees and offices in London, Glasgow and Ipswich.

The Challenge

SmartestEnergy attends many events throughout the year, with its teams taking part in panel discussions and presenting on stage. They also frequently run webinars for a growing audience on all sorts of themes and topics. A consistent approach was needed for their presenting strategy, not only for their speakers but also for the Marketing team so that they could support the speakers in the most efficient way. They wanted to streamline their preparation process to so that the Marketing department could shoulder the burden of preparation time whilst giving the speakers the tools and techniques they needed to deliver their presentations.

We agreed on a programme that started with the Marketing and Events team doing a workshop on preparation process and to set the strategy and discuss their branding which they wanted to be conveyed during presentations. Following this, over the last 2 years I have run several 1-day Brand Presentation Skills workshops in their London and Ipswich offices.

The content of the programme included all aspects of delivery and using natural style, presentation strategy and an efficient preparation process, content structure, and using visual aids. Everyone brought a presentation with them and we worked on that during the workshop. They had 3/4 opportunities to present in front of the group over the course of the programme and each time I would film, then give feedback with video review.

We have also run half day follow up sessions as a refresher, focusing on handling questions during/after presentations and on panel discussions, as well as building up a short, sharp ‘elevator’ pitch for networking.


An analysis of their communication style

Learn how to communicate consistently with authority and credibility

Learn how to communicate with confidence and be engaging

Managing apprehension and nerves

Consistency, focus on key messages, branding and time-saving preparation techniques

Best practice preparation of prompts

Thinking on your feet, focusing on requirements of the listener

Handling questions

Building a short, sharp elevator pitch

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