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The Challenge

Having worked with Maryanne three years earlier through my previous company, I contacted her to help prepare me for interviewing in relation to a new job.

I had been on extended maternity leave which spanned 2 children and had left me unable to recall anything I used to be good at.

The Solution

We had an initial call to realign my mind and focus on which jobs I should be aiming for and how I should approach the interviews. Once I reached the call back stage, we had a further call which put me firmly in a positive and confident frame of mind. Maryanne worked through quick fire interview questions and suggested alternative, stronger ways of answering by rewording what I had said.

The Results

The main thing Maryanne did through the whole process was give me back the confidence to know that I did have the right answers in me, I could do it and not to aim low. The internal strength that I gained through just those few phone calls carried me through to the start of the job and set the whole process off on the right foot.

I cannot recommend Maryanne highly enough for anyone who needs to find their way again after maternity leave or a career break.

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