Who is personal coaching right for? 

Our personal coaching sessions are for anyone with an ambition to develop themselves personally and professionally – which we believe go hand in hand. 

As with all our coaching programmes, we do not take a one-size-fits-all as we all have a variety of strengths and weaknesses. 

Focus on strengths

However, for many of our clients, it is about unearthing or rediscovering the strengths you have and bringing them to the fore. Too often our clients enlist our services to help combat their weaknesses which they believe are holding them back.  

We help them refocus their efforts towards improving on their strengths and recognising what they bring is valuable. 

Personal Coaching

Our personal coaching sessions include:

  • Career progression – People face many barriers on their ascent of the corporate ladder. We help them find a way around these barriers maximising their strengths.  
  • Returning to work – This is never a smooth transition, no matter why you took some time out from work. Preparation and confidence are crucial; we support you to have both. 
  • Interview skills – For many, the dreaded interview poses a real obstacle in their progression. There are several techniques we offer that can improve your performance immeasurably.  
  • Client seminars – Delivering a client seminar with confidence could mean the difference between winning business and not. There is a range of techniques we will impart to help you succeed. 
  • Conferences – These can be daunting prospects. If you are presenting or networking to develop meaningful business leads our programme can give you a road map to success. 
  • Public speaking – Challenging yourself to grow as a public speaker will make a massive difference for you professionally and personally. The confidence will transmit into a range of other areas. 

If you would like to discuss a one to one session with Maryanne, then get in touch, and we will create a bespoke training session for you. 

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