When you are under-pressure then natural spoken communication skills are often forgotten, and the key messages, the credibility and the authority of you as the speaker all tend to get lost. I will show you or your team how to consistently communicate in a completely relaxed, confident and individual style no matter how high the stress.

The goal is to ensure that you always get your key points across in the clearest possible way whether you are speaking 1-1 or addressing a larger audience.

I help you to be the best version of yourself – not give a learned performance

There is no benefit in teaching you how to present in a prescribed manner. A learned performance quickly becomes obvious to your audience. Your audience needs to see the real you to develop trust and belief in what you’re saying. I will always focus on giving you the tools and techniques that allow you to present in a natural, conversational style, moving naturally and always enabling you to be you on your best day.

Tailored & Individual

Everyone’s communication skills are different, and everyone’s abilities are at a different level, which is why I never take a “one-size fits all” approach to your training. Every programme for every organisation or individual is bespoke. Before I design your course we will meet or have a telephone call to go through the exact needs of you and your business so that I can ensure that you and your team get maximum returns from the course whatever your strengths, weaknesses and abilities.

Highly Interactive & Well-Paced

All the work I do involves a balance of theory and practice (40:60), so it allows participants plenty of opportunity to develop their own skills and style. Using a video camera for the various practical exercises and presentations we work on, it’s easy to give feedback and identify specific areas that need more improvement and increase one’s self-awareness.

Focused on everyone as an individual

It is important to me that every participant I work with is able to progress during a workshop. I always ensure everyone receives as much individual attention as possible in order to get the maximum benefit from the exercises, and I regularly run workshops on a one-on-one basis or in small groups of up to 5. It is a less intimidating scenario, allowing people of all abilities and confidence levels to find their own style and build confidence in themselves.

For larger groups please contact me to discuss your requirements. Workshops can be tailored to deal with larger groups or differing time factors.

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